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20 years ago in Sitka, Alaska, two brothers invented and patented the process of making fish foods directly from whole, fresh Alaskan seafood. OmegaSea, the company, was founded, and Omega One, the brand, was introduced.

Only fresh seafoods are used in our formulas - it’s as simple as that.  All other fish food manufactures rely on fishmeal as the main ingredient in their foods.  Check the ingredient labels!  Omega One fish foods are fishmeal and hydrosylate-free, which means they contain a higher level of natural nutrition than any other fish foods in the world.

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    Omega Sea Super Veggie Seaweed Sheets (24 sheets/box)

    Omega Sea Super Veggie Seaweed Sheets are a great choice of seaweed to feed your grazing fish and catfish. Made with the finest seaweeds available, these are rich in natural...

    Omega Sea Freeze Dried Blood Worms

    $5.99 $5.29
    Omega One Blood Worms are genuine blood worms, not mosquito larvae, which means their color enhancing ability is superb. Their high protein content makes them particularly effective as a conditioning...

    Omega Sea Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp

    Another high-protein Nutri-Treat™! Omega One Brine Shrimp is of the highest quality. It offers an excellent opportunity to boost the color of your fish and has been a favorite treat...

    Omega Sea Freeze Dried Krill

    This delicious Nutri-Treat™! Omega One Krill is full of vitamins, minerals, and natural protein that will satisfy even the most aggressive carnivore. It enhances healthy growth of your fish and is...

    Omega Sea Freeze Dried Pacific Plankton 0.85 oz.

    Our Pacific Plankton contains an abundance of proteins and essential fatty acids. Feeding this treat as part of a complete diet will encourage activity and strengthen immunity in both freshwater...
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