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Aqua-Crylic Cornerflo Cover for Marineland/Perfecto Aquariums

$11.99 $9.99
If you have a Reef Aquarium, chances are it’s got an overflow box and a sump. The most common overflows are found in Marineland and Perfecto aquariums, and this is...
Artificial Anemone Decoration 100% Aquarium Safe - Aquatica Aquarium Gallery Fish Store Cleveland Ohio

Artificial Anemone Decoration 100% Aquarium Safe

$8.99 $6.99
If you're looking for realistic looking decorations for your freshwater or saltwater aquarium then you need to check out these artificial Anemone by Sporn. These decorations are made from a...
Aquatop Submersible Glass Heater - Aquatica Aquarium Gallery Fish Store Cleveland Ohio

Aquatop Submersible Glass Heater

$16.99 $15.69
Maintain constant and stable temperatures for your aquatic creatures to thrive with AquaTop's GH aquarium heater. This analog glass heater offers simple and easy installation with the use of the included...
Omega Sea Freeze Dried Blood Worms - Aquatica Aquarium Gallery Fish Store Cleveland Ohio

Omega Sea Freeze Dried Blood Worms

$5.99 $5.29
Omega One Blood Worms are genuine blood worms, not mosquito larvae, which means their color enhancing ability is superb. Their high protein content makes them particularly effective as a conditioning...
Lee's HerpHaven Holding Containers - Aquatica Aquarium Gallery Fish Store Cleveland Ohio

Lee's HerpHaven Holding Containers

$4.29 $3.86
Description HerpHavens® are the ideal carrier for various species of reptiles & amphibians. Rectangular HerpHavens® have self-locking lids with hinged viewer/feeder window. Includes carrying handle for easy transport. Great for...

2LF PhosBan Reactor 150

$49.99 $43.99
PhosBan Reactor 150™ The PhosBan Reactor 150 is designed with the upflow principle to achieve the most efficient use of PhosBan® or other chemical filter media. By pushing water from...
Ista Stylish Betta Display Case with LED Light - Aquatica Aquarium Gallery Fish Store Cleveland Ohio

Ista Stylish Betta Display Case with LED Light

$19.99 $14.99
Light changes color Stackable and compact design allows variable cases display and space saving Made of high quality acrylic material Stylish design, different color choices Two AA batteries included

Aquatop Multi-Color Green/Blue Staghorn Plant Decor

$22.99 $18.99
Turn an ordinary tank into a surreal and exotic wonderland! Creatures will find endless spots to explore and you'll spend more time enjoying your creatures than ever before. Made from...

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Thank you for choosing Aquatica Aquarium Gallery. We know you have options when shopping online. Let us show you how we're different.
Did you know that we have a retail store in Valley City, Ohio? Here, we have expert trained staff to help our customers. We will extend that offer to you online as well with free online support through our website. Just send a message using the Facebook Messenger icon in the lower right corner and we will assist you in any way we can.

If you live local to Valley City, Ohio or you want to make a drive in to see our retail store, you will get to experience a one of a kind store! Each and every one of our tanks - both freshwater and saltwater - are individually filtered and share no water. We have some of the healthiest livestock in Ohio and a unique store to experience. We welcome all who make it out to see us!

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Aquatica also offers professional aquarium maintenance services like monthly cleaning or tank relocation services. Let us do the work for you!

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