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    Sump Bubble Trap Sponge for Sock Hybritek Sumps, Others

    Our Sock Hybritek Sumps have this style sponge and here are the replacements. The sponge can be ordered in many ways. The sponges measure 1.5" thick and 3.5" tall and...

    Cylinder Overflow Box Prefilter Sponges

    We carry four types of prefilter sponges for overflow boxes like the EShopps overflow boxes. These are a cylindrical sponge that stands about 5.5" tall and is drilled in the center...

    Replacement Filter Sponge for Seachem Tidal Filters

    High quality U.S. made black reticulated foam (20 PPI) designed to fit the Seachem Tidal replacement filters and CNC machined for a precise fit.

    Phosban Reactor Media Replacement Sponges

    If you have a Phosban 150 or 550 media reactor, you may need new sponges. We have sponges that are CNC cut to fit the reactors. They may fit others...

    Aquatop Replacement Filter Sponge for Internal Filters

    Replacement Filter Sponge for Aquatop Internal Filters (IF-201-204)
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